Matrix Separations has manufacturing roots that extend back over 100 years. Until September, 1994 Matrix was operated as a division of SCT Yarns and known as SCT Filtration Products. Founded in April 1891, SCT has been an established leader of the manufacturing of carpet yarns, filtration medias, outerwear yarns and threads and nonwovens. In September 1994, the filtration division of SCT was purchased by a group led by Ron Cloud, a vice president and owner of SCT.

New Technology

Matrix Separation was structured to take advantage of technology breakthrough that allowed graduated density to be engineered into depth filter products. The wound depth filter had been the workhorse for liquid filtration but had been limited to a single removal rating within the cartridge. This single pattern design produced good efficiencies and satisfactory life but could prematurely blind off when presented a broad particle distribution.

New Benefits of Graduated Density

The breakthrough technology of graduated density programming offers filtration performance engineered for specific processes and applications.

Vertical Integrated Ownership and Management

Matrix Separations is not owned or managed by passive or absentee participants but with vertical integration as its focus. Matrix Separations’ products are sold through a national network of distributors and has built its excellent reputation for product innovations, consistency and quick response to its customer’s needs.