XLC Filter Cartridge

The XLC Cartridge (Extended Life Cartridge) is manufactured by a process which uses computer aided designs to construct a true graduated density product that allows unusually extended void volume for greater load capacity, longer life, and higher flow rate. The XLC Cartridge also retains its particle trapping effectiveness up to 99.9%. Matrix XLC cartridges are available in both nominal and absolute ratings.


  • Dirt holding capacity is more than double that of conventional cartridges.
  • Significant cost savings based on decreased production interruptions, less changeouts, inventory, and disposal cost.
  • Filter construction can be tailored to fit the specifications of nearly any filtration application by use of computer aided design and intricate computer programming capabilities.
  • The XLC cartridge is available in the following materials: Polypropylene Industrial, Polypropylene FDA, Xtrupor, Bleach Cotton, Bleach Cotton FDA, Natural Cotton, Acrylic, Rayon, Polyester, Nylon, and Glass.
  • 304SS, 316SS, and Tin steel extended center cores are available as well as a polypropylene snap-in extender.
  • Special end treatments such as 222 double O-ring caps, spears, and gaskets are typical additions that enhance cartridge performance.
resin bonded filter
Typical Applications
  • Chemical Connectors
  • Photograph
  • Consumer Products
  • Plating
  • Food and Beverage
  • Printed Circuit
  • Oil
  • Printed Wire
  • Paint
  • Ink
  • Surface
  • Petro Chemical
  • Utilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Waste Management
Recommended Operating Conditions
  • Change out Pressure: 25 psi
  • Max Differential Pressure at Ambient Temp: 60 psi
  • Standard Dimensions: 1 inch Inside Diameter, 2.5 inch Outside Diameter, 4-50 inch Length.

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