Carbon Cartridge Filters

Matrix’s Activated Carbon Cartridge “C” Series is specifically designed for water, chemical and electroplating solutions, and represents today’s best technology. The series, characterized by distinctive white, yellow or blue outer netting, is the ideal choice for either continuous or batch treatment of most applications.


Typical Applications

  • DI Prefilters
  • Dye Stripping
  • Electronics
  • Metal Finishing
  • Plating
  • Potable Water
  • Printed Circuits
  • RO Systems
  • Semi-Conductors
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Specialty Chemicals
carbon cartridge filters

Features & Benefits of the Carbon Cartridge “C” Series


C-155 Series
  • Eliminate the past requirement for filter aides and filtration after carbon treating.
  • Pre-washed to further guarantee no carbon bleed-off.
  • Resistant without breakdown in both strongly acid and strongly alkaline solutions up to 180 F (82 C).
  • Contains no cellulose or other products that could contribute to plating porosity or brittleness.
  • Each nominal 10” length contains approximately 4 oz. of sulfur-free highly purified vegetable base carbon and may be used at up to 3 gpm flow for continuous treating. 1.5 gpm is acceptable for batch treating.
  • Available in all standard lengths up to 30” and in two diameters. 2-3/4 and 2-5/8 O.D.
  • Outer Polyolefin netting.
C-230 Series
  • Contains approximately 70 grams of a finely pulverized blend of activated carbon to assure removal of the chlorine taste, as well as, organic chemical associated colors.
  • The C-230 Series contains a final filter phase for polishing and has been pre-washed to further assure no carbon bleed-off.
  • The unique construction of the carbon containing filter phase makes water filtration possible as it is being carbon treated. This minimizes the premature exhaustion of the carbon activity sites in “dirty” water.
  • A true depth-type cartridge which assures superior dirt holding capacity in sediment laden waters.
  • Available only in standard 4 7/8” and 9 3/4” lengths. Special configurations are also available.
  • All components approved for food contact use.
C-232 Series
  • Contains approximately 90 grams of a finely pulverized blend of activated carbon yielding wide spectrum capability to assure long life in removing both the chlorine taste, as well as, organic associated colors.
  • Pre-washed to guarantee no carbon bleed-off.
  • Inner polypropylene core for compressive strength.
  • Outer fine mesh polyolefin netting for surface integrity and appearance.
  • Available only in standard 4 7/8” and 9 3/4” lengths. Special configurations are also available.
  • All components approved for food contact use.
C-234 Series
  • Contains a blend of approximately 100 grams of finely pulverized carbon designed for dechlorination and removal of taste, odor, color and a wide range of organic chemicals.
  • Cellulose-free for added protection against bacterial degradation.
  • Has proven universal utility for all but those applications requiring a high level of THM removal.
  • A cost effective approach to replace GAC canister types in many applications.
  • Available in any specified length up to 40” in 2 3/4” OD. Special configurations are also available.
  • Flow Rate to 3 GPM per each 10” Length
  • Construction details for part #’s not featured are available upon request.
C-240 Series
  • Contains a blend of approximately 120 grams of finely pulverized carbon effective on both high and low molecular weight organic chemicals.
  • Offers true depth – type filtration for fine sediment.
  • High level of organic chemical and free-chlorine removal.
  • Out performs a typical granular activated carbon (GAC) cartridge.
  • Does not bleed carbon after repeated uses.
  • Available in all standard lengths up to 30” and 2 3/4” diameter.
  • All components approved for food contact use.
C-252 Series
  • Contains a blend of 290 grams of finely pulverized carbon which is highly effective in reducing chlorine, taste, odors and most organic chemicals.
  • Designed for large scale applications such as Point of Entry (POE), water vending and commercial applications where a high level of carbon is essential.
  • Cellulose-free for added protection against bacterial degradation.
  • Does not bleed carbon after repeated uses.
  • Resistant to media break-down over normal pH ranges up to 160 degrees F.
  • Available in lengths of 9 3/4” and 20” and a 4 5/8” outside diameter.
  • All components approved for food contact use.

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